What makes us different?

We're going to have to make a list for this one.
  •  300+ verified buyer reviews with an average 5 star rating.
  • There are no two name necklaces or bracelets that are the same. Every single one is made just for you.
  • We go beyond what we offer. Share your ideas with us and we'll bring them to life.
  • Excellent customer service. We don't deserve your hard earned money if you are not happy with your order.
  • Rust & tarnish free guarantee. Experience any and you are entitled to a replacement.
  • All non custom orders are quickly shipped within 24 hours.
  • The uniqueness of our merch makes for extremely thoughtful gifts. Nominal accessories are more than just fashion. They're meaningful.
  • & on top of all this, we stay true to our favorite phrase - "Under promise, over deliver."

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