The Historic 2020 Eid Sale

Welcome to the 2020 Eid Blackout Sale!

When we say "bigger and better", it isn't a catchphrase. Here at Nominal, we try to outdo ourselves in everything we do, especially when it comes to our iconic annual Eid Sale. Whether it's by giving you better prices, a bigger item selection, new designs that are must-have, or by fulfilling your orders and customer service requests faster than ever before, we only aim to improve your experience every time. So from the speed of the website, to the item prices, to the speed at which you get your package, we hope you're ready for an overhauled Eid Sale experience unlike you've seen in previous  years.

So, what should you know about this sale?

What time will it be where I live when the sale goes live?

The sale begins on May 1st, 3PM EST. Click here to find out what time the sale begins in your area!

Toronto, New York, Florida: 3:00 PM

California, Arizona: 12:00 PM

United Kingdom: 8:00 PM

Chicago: 2:00 PM

Will everything be on sale?

Yes. Every single item will be on sale. Even our new releases.

Can we reserve items / add them to our carts from now?

While reserving items is not possible since everyone deserves a fair chance, you can create an account and add items to your wishlist. Then you'll have easy access to the items you've been eyeing!

How do I see which items are brand new?

We have a category called "Eid Releases" for men and women that features all the new item releases for the sale!

Do you have any advice?

Set your alarm for May 1st 3PM EST, know what you want to snag (add them to your wishlist from now), and tell your friends about the sale so they can have your back in case you miss your alarm! 


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